Big news for Lumiere: 2011 Headlands Residency

Bring On The Lumière will have its final phase of development at the Headlands Center for the Arts in August 2011.  Marina, Christine and myself will be hard at work drafting the evening-length version of Bring On The Lumière in preparation for our San Francisco premiere at ODC Theater in November 2011.  Elaine Buckholtz will also be joining us for part of the time to provoke us with her lighting ideas.  Lighting design is a central component to this work, and will manifest in performer-operated light-instruments, video projections, and possibly even a 16-mm projector.  I’m really grateful for the opportunity to work with Elaine and the two performers in this experimental way before getting into the theater.

Christine Bonansea and I made some amazing progress on Lumière last summer during our three weeks at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, where we were both  choreographers-in-residence.  When you’re living outside of your regular routine, it’s possible to focus on, and become more subsumed by the life of a work.

About Headlands Center for the Arts

Headlands Center for the Arts’ Artist in Residence Program has earned international renown for bringing together pioneering artists and arts professionals in all disciplines—visual, performance, writing, interdisciplinary, music, composition, sound, film, video, and new media—from throughout the U.S. and the world. The program provides a supportive working environment that allows time for artists to experiment, reflect and grow, both individually and collectively during their stay. Through the support of generous donations, live-in AIRs are provided with a studio, shared housing and five meals a week. Headlands Center for the Arts is located in the beautiful Golden Gate National Recreation Area in Fort Barry in the Marin Headlands just north of San Francisco.  Headlands’ is housed in a cluster of nine historic, 1907-era military buildings that were artistically renovated by world-reknown artists such as Ann Hamilton and David Ireland.


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