First Lumiere photo shoot!

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We did our first photo shoot during our Lumiere rehearsal intensive in November. It came about spontaneously as Christine and Marina were experimenting with these battery powered light instruments that my collaborator Elaine gave us. There were some really beautiful silhouettes that appeared when the girls shined the lights at the wall, so I had to capture them with the camera frame. These experiments led to my favorite new segment of the piece that takes place against the wall (see video below.)
What I also love about these photos is that the “characterization” of the Lumiere Brothers is rather understated. There is something so beautiful to me about the Brothers being women — and women of completely different ethnic backgrounds. I do see them as looking very similar — but maybe that’s just me?
We didn’t plan a photo shoot — but I am so glad to have these. At some point we will do a professional shoot for marketing purposes. In the meantime it’s helpful to have something to promote the piece with.


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