November 2010 Rehearsal Intensive

We are in the middle of a week-long rehearsal intensive at ODC in San Francisco.  It’s the first time that I’ve been able to work on a piece with this kind of regularity, and it’s really exciting.  Christine, Marina and I are meeting every day for 3 hours — each day building on the next and the material is getting more and more interesting.  We are mostly meet in the brand new ODC Theater building, but we also worked one night in Rebecca Solnit’s apartment, which was awesome.

At the culmination of the week long intensive, we’re going to have an open rehearsal this Tuesday night November 23rd to share what we’ve been working on to friends and supporters of the work.  I’m looking forward to getting feedback at this super early stage in the process, when everything is still so raw, and I’m not yet attached to any one thing.  It’s a great time for input, because the work is still wide open, and yet the aesthetic is really clear.  We are building a world.


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