Back in the Studio with Marina and Christine

Since Christine Bonansea and Marina Fukushima began working with me on Bring On The Lumiere in May 2010, we have had three separate studio sessions. The first was a 2-week research period where we met 6 times at ODC in San Francisco, thanks to my rehearsal residency there, and presented a 12-minute excerpt at Laura Arrington’s house on May 29th (a video of this performance can be seen here.)  The second was a three-week residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, but only Christine was with me and so we focused on broad sketches related to light, shadow, and video experiments.  We also created a sketch for a large group section called “Artists Leaving the Factory” (video here.)

At the end of August, I am back in the studio with the two of them again, for a quick rehearsal and video shoot.  We met at LEVY Dance’s Studio Gracia in San Francisco, for two mornings on August 26-27, and these are some stills from our time together.  I was delighted by how they were able to jump right back into the project, 3 months after the last rehearsal, almost as if no time had passed whatsoever.  From the moment I got them in front of my camera, they were the Lumiere Brothers again.

During this time, Jessica Tully helped us shoot some footage of our rehearsal process for a video trailer.  I’m now editing together the 1-minute trailer, and will be posting it on this Blog soon.


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